Why Painting Is Essential For Taking Hotel Rooms To Next Level?

Culture and painting both have a big part to play in achieving it. To create an unforgettable guest experience, the most successful hotel professionals recognize that painting is a crucial function and should incorporate it with design, architecture, and operations. And more than 70% believe that a unique art collection in the lobby is one of the project features that will generate the most attention. Hoteliers recognize that Paintings for Hotel Rooms is an essential service.

Giving a brand life through painting

Like nothing else, the painting can communicate a story. It strengthens your brand by acting as an engaging visual narrative that aids clients in comprehending and remembering who you are. The earlier you include art that represents your brand, the better. By doing this, the picked artworks are in the space and serve as visual markers of the brand concept, collaborating with the design, lighting, operations, and atmosphere to produce an unforgettable feeling of a place. Building consensus around a  vision with designers, architects, developers, and other stakeholders is possible with the help of art consultants.

Accor - Discover Art Series

Painting Involves the Community

Painting has an impact when it serves as more than just wall adornment. When correctly chosen, art can give a place richness and depth while presenting a story that makes each interaction seem fine. Paintings for Hotel Rooms include works by local artists in the collection is one of the finest methods to do this. It entails interacting with the neighbourhood around the property to comprehend the local culture and find artists that reflect it. Enhancing local artists can help developers address neighbourhood residents’ worries about gentrification while fostering goodwill and attracting favourable publicity for the project.

Reflects Your Values in Painting

Your brand’s experience must be transparent regarding your ideals. What your business stands for and aspires to is best communicated visually via art. Putting money into pieces of art that promote these ideals is a place to start. But many people continue to pay more attention to the art than the person who created it. Support regional, up-and-coming, and underrepresented artists on purpose. When you strategically choose the types of art you showcase and the artists you support, you create a location where guests feel at home.

The Effect of Art on Hotel Experiences

It shouldn’t be a shock that employing art to actively communicate a business message, promote values, and engage the community has a positive effect on a company’s return on investment (ROI). People will want to spend time and money there, stay longer, visit more frequently, and spread the word about it when you create a place that they want to visit.

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