Get a soothing sleep with me: Latex mattress

What is the one thing which all of you think about when you are very tired or haven’t slept for few days due to a hectic schedule? Going back to your house and sleeping on your comfortable bed. It is just like a blessing of God to sleep for hours without any disturbance. This is all possible due to the mattress. When anyone goes to buy mattress, the very first question asked is “Is it comfortable and wont lead to any back problems?” Those mattress who gives positive answer to this question is the best one and latex mattress is one of them.

What is this mattress all about?

To provide a firm and long-lasting sleeping surface, latex foam is combined with either springs or reflex foam in a latex mattress. In its natural state, latex is made from the sap of the rubber tree, and Dunlopillorecognised its potential in the early 1900s. By developing a selection of pillows and mattresses made entirely of latex foam to provide exceptional comfort and pressure relief, Dunlopillo helped to launch the latex revolution. Due to the fact that latex is a natural material, several latex mattresses frequently use additional natural fillings to produce the ideal natural mattress. This guide offers all the information you need about latex mattresses, from advantages to top picks.  You must be thinking how this tree sap is used to make mattress which is giving us the feeling of heaven. This is made by two processes.

latex mattress

  • The Dunlop– One full pour of latex is applied to a mould. Due to this, Dunlop latex is harder at the bottom of the mattress and softer at the top. The perfect amount of comfort and pressure alleviation is provided by this firmness combination.Two really well-liked mattresses made employing the Dunlop technique are the Dunlopillo Diamond and Millennium mattresses.
  • Talalay-The Talalay technique necessitates a few extra procedures and materials. A mould is partially filled with latex, which uses a vacuum to fully expand into foam. With this technique, a less dense foam that feels the same from top to bottom is produced.

Benefits of latex mattress

Why only this mattress but nothing else? Let us discuss about the benefits of latex mattress. The reason behind most soothing and peaceful sleep is just this mattress.

  • Pressure-relieving: Because latex is stretchy, it can quickly adapt to your weight, shape, and movements. Your body’s heaviest areas can be supported by this flexibility, which provides excellent pressure relief.
  • Durable: Latex mattresses retain their shape and functionality for many years because they are naturally robust.
  • Easily maintained: Latex mattress innovators Dunlopillo produce single-sided latex mattresses so you don’t have to flip your latex mattress.
  • Hypoallergenic: Due to the structure of latex, it has a built-in resistance to dust mites. This keeps the sleeping environment clean and wholesome.
  • Eco-friendly: Every year, the latex-producing rubber plants change almost 90 million tons of carbon dioxide into oxygen. This makes latex one of the most eco-friendly mattress fillings available.
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