How to Choose the Right Gym Shoes for Men

It is more likely that you are wearing your running shoes when you go to the gym. This may not be the wisest thing to do. Instead, it’s better to know what type of mens gym shoes should go with your indoor workouts.

What You Need to Look For in a Pair of Gym Shoes

You’ll need a pair of breathable shoes when it comes to your gym training. Find one that has light support and with a limited curve in the soles. This pair will have an increased ability to grip the floor and use the toes for a balance of strength and conditioning movements. Your specific choice of a pair of gym shoes must be based on the specific exercise you do.

Heavy Weightlifting

Shoes for heavy weightlifting must have sturdy soles with and a lift in the heels, making sure that you have more range in mobility in your calf and ankle areas. This will allow you to do a lower squat and provide you with more stability during power lifts such as squat snatch, squat clean, and front squat.


It is alright to use your running shoes in the gym when you frequently do treadmill walking or running. This pair will be able to provide you support and cushioning that you need while you try to attain the miles. With running shoes, you can still do some mat exercises afterwards. When you prefer to lift weights after a run, you can simply take off your shoes to gain more stability in your heavy lifts.

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Cross Training, HIIT, and Light Weightlifting

For cross training, HIIT, and light weightlifting, it would be better to have pairs of mens gym shoes that have a low arch and or a minimalist profile, providing you with sufficient support and balance. This is the type of shoes that you wear when you intend to mix up workout regimens in the gym, whether using weights or cardio machines.

On Basketball Shoes

It is also possible for you to wear basketball shoes to the gym when you plan strength training after the game. It would be better to wear a pair that has a low arch and with relatively low cushioning. You may also opt for a pair of cross-training shoes which is intended for the workout you do.

On Trail Running Shoes

When you use a pair of trail running shoes that is minimalist and close to the ground, this can be worn in the gym as well. Just remember though that most shoes for trail running are designed with more cushioning intended for distance running. Such shoes also usually have bulky soles for traction and to protect the feet from rough terrains.

Finding the most suitable pair of shoes is as important to the user as the tools to a worker.

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