Moisturizers for dry skin

The lack of moisture in the upper layers of the skin is much more than a cosmetic problem. If the epidermis is irritated and cracked, the risk of dirt and bacteria entering it increases. The natural protective and barrier function of the skin is thus disturbed. In extreme cases, the skin reacts with eczema. It is therefore important to keep the skin of the face and body from drying out with moisturizers and hydrating cream singapore other measures for internal and external skin care.

Various Causes of Dry Skin

Dry skin can have various causes that affect skin moisture. The ability of the epidermis to retain moisture naturally decreases with age. This is because the sebum glands within the dermis slow down the production of sebum. Sebum is skin sebum that acts as the body’s own moisturizer. The dermis contains collagen fibers and elastic fibersthat ensure that the skin tissue is held together. If this ability decreases, it becomes more and more difficult to store moisture. The result is irritated and dry skin. Another cause are environmental influences such as a dry climate, temperature fluctuations, excessive sun exposure or incorrect skin care. This is because the use of cleaning agents with a drying effect, the way you care for your body and other criteria relating to lifestyle and diet can all promote dry skin. In addition to all of this, genetic predisposition ultimately plays a role. For example, a lack of urea (urea) in the skin can cause the top layer of skin to become dry.

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Dry skin can also be a sign of diseases such as diabetes mellitus, neurodermatitis or hypothyroidism. If you suddenly get dry skin, you should consult your doctor once.

Signs of dry skin

Skin dryness is characterized by a lack of moisture or fat. If the skin of the face and body feels rough, itches and tightens, the moisture content is too low. Wrinkles caused by dryness can show up. If individual areas of skin also flake off, this is an indication of a lack of skin oil. To find out whether there is a lack of moisture or fat, you can have a skin analysis carried out by a dermatologist. The fact is, skin on the face and body need both moisture and oil to look fresh and radiant. You can easily help with the right creams. So it is advisable to select best moisturiser for your daily routine.

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