Tips To Find The Right Silicone Ring Size For You

You finally find a store where you can find your silicone ring and other accessories. However, you know that the ring size for this is different from regular rings. That is why before you add items to your cart, it is very important that you know different ways to find your silicone ring size first before you spend any money on it.

String Test

By using a simple piece of string, you can easily measure your ring size. You cannot use just any string. Find one that is about 15 cm long or 6 inches. Once you have it, measuring the size is pretty easy. You tighten the string around your finger where you usually wear your ring, then tie it into a knot. Make sure that the wrap is just right and not too tight.

The silicone rings must fit snugly on your finger. Then mark the string where it overlaps. It is best that you compare it to a chart you find on the internet. Go through the measuring process again twice to make sure you’re 100% of the size.

Silicone Ring

Ring Test

Others are not comfortable with using the string test. Many would prefer to use an old ring test to get their size for the silicone ring. Instead of the string, they use their wedding bands for a more accurate measure. If you currently have one, just use the same size when ordering online. Even with a ring test, still compare it to a chart to determine if it’s still the same size with the silicone ring.

Why Buy A Silicone Ring?

Silicone rings are still very new but when they first came out, it immediately hit the market. Today, there are now lots of choices when it comes to color, style, and design. Some people choose to wear silicone rings for everyday use. That is why it is now very popular among those who prefer this as their wedding ring over traditional gold or other metal rings.

Silicone rings are perfect for those who like the sporty look. Also, they are safe to wear but you must let it breathe from time to time. It’s made of synthetic material and it can irritate your sensitive skin. So when you’re ready to trade in your metal ring for the silicone alternatives, whether it’s for occasional or everyday use, then check out your options online.

Did You Find Your Silicone Ring Size?

No matter which method you use to get the right measure of your ring size, you’ll still need a ring chart for accurate results. Fortunately, there are hundreds, if not thousands, of free resources available on the Internet. Still, it is best that you know how to manually measure your ring size, especially when specifically for a silicone ring.

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