Why you must consider investing in a copper water bottle?

Copper plays a vital role in everyone’s health. It is the third most widespread mineral within the body. It aids cell growth, and metabolism, and also maintains the skin and hair in good condition. As adults, the human body needs about 900 micrograms of copper every day for healthy function. And also women who are breastfeeding and pregnant need it more. Enough copper intake is important for children and infants since it is needed for the maintenance and growth of bones.

These real copper water bottles are used in India and various south Asian countries for many years. The practice of drinking water from Tamra Jal (therapeutic water in Sanskrit) or copper vessels has been acknowledged for a long period. For its health benefits according to Ayurveda, it is the ancient holistic medical science.

Know why copper water bottles are good for your health

The only class of metal registered by the United States Environmental Protection Agency is copper. This is to kill viruses, bacteria, and yeasts on contact. Once water is kept overnight in copper, a little number of ions are broken down into the water. It destroys bacteria that is known to be the process of oligodynamic effect.

real copper water bottles

  Studies have manifested antimicrobial and antibacterial benefits from this ancient Ayurvedic practice. And declares that drinking from a copper vessel helps the digestive tract. Improves immunity, and lessens inflammation in the body. It also balances all three doshas, these are Pitta, Kapha, and Vata in the body.

Since copper positively charges the water, practitioners ingest an energized daily dosage to regenerate the body. It also serves as an antioxidant, that lessens free radical damage in the body. This boosts longevity and restores the brain. Water stored in a copper bottle has plenty of antioxidants. It helps the production of new skin cells and fights off free radicals that supply the appearance of aging. Since water is stored in a copper bottle, it is also known to be effective at preventing and fighting off cancer.

 Why you should have the best copper water bottle in your kitchen?

Nowadays, there are various copper water bottles available for you to buy. You must also be careful for choosing any and ensure that it is worth it. With the growing number of people being harmed by several ailments and diseases, it is sometimes hard to stay healthy. That is why people switched to a traditional lifestyle. With this bottle in your kitchen, you can achieve a balanced and healthy body without having any major sacrifices.

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