The Hidden Underlying Cause Of Back Pain

Back pain is a common medical problem that is experienced by 8 out of 10 people worldwide. Most people who suffer from it are women, and sometimes the hidden culprit is the shoes, particularly heels which adds so much pressure on the lower back area of the spine. So, when you choose your next pair of shoes always consider these three things:


A comfortable shoe has padding that conforms to the shape of the soles. In this way, the heel and the midfoot are provided with good support for ease in movement. The forefoot area must have ample room for expansion because the feet will temporarily grow at the end of the day particularly if you have taken long walks. This is the best time to choose the right fit.


Almost every one of us has curvy soles which require a smooth padding for the shoes and an ample allowance at the toe area to encourage mobility as you walk.



The shoes should fit the size of your feet to provide good stability during walking.

These three must be your top criteria since they will help you in protecting your musculoskeletal system from injuries. Other factors like appearance, fashion, brand, materials, sewing, and price have less impact on your overall health.

Factors to Consider for Different Shoe Type

There are 5 common types of shoes and each has different qualities you should look for if you do not want to compromise your overall fashion because of instability, inflexibility, and discomfort.


In choosing the right athletic shoes, you must consider the arch support it could give and other biomechanics. The effective way to test this is to do a one-legged squat. If you can balance your weight comfortably while doing it, then it is the right fit. Always remember that stability, movability, and cushioning are the key criteria of a good athlete’s shoes.


Since these are somehow elevated with added weight, the sole should conform to the arch of your feet to provide total comfort while walking.


Minimalist shoes are for walking. So if you prefer long walks, it is better to choose shoes with ample allowance to cater to the enlargement of your feet due to swelling.


Sandals should have good and adjustable strapping, especially around the ankle, for you to be able to walk with ease.

Dress shoes

Dress shoes commonly have a thick platform and are incorporated with high heels. The frequent use of this shoe can cause chronic back pain. Therefore, always see to it that you do switching between heels and flat shoes to preserve the health of your spine.

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