The peace of mind of a safe purchase

Wine, spirits, beers and cocktails come straight to your home – or for Christmas gifts. E-commerce and specialized deliveries are booming, Apps deliver already cold bottles in thirty minutes and gift packages are organized.

A month-long lockdown, then the curfew, the closing of the bars at 6pm and a new lockdown meant a never-before-seen crisis for the world of wine, spirits and clubs, and a single solution: to go straight to the customers’ homes and activate a record delivery times, e-commerce for home sales and cocktail services to be made at home online liquor delivery singapore.

It worked right away. You can not go out, no aperitifs and no evenings in the brewery, but not for this have actually decided to lower the elbow, indeed.

Consumption of wine and beer in supermarkets has grown, but above all online, because if you don’t find everything in large-scale distribution, the choice is potentially infinite online: the sales made by the universe of e-commerce and wine delivery have registered in major cities dizzying numbers (+ 500% in one month only in the city) and boosted the system.

However, there are also wine bars and individual companies that, having suddenly found themselves at zero sales, have worked their way up. The result, encouraging. It was also a winning choice for restaurants: if the kitchen doesn’t work, the cellar is turned around. For those who have a unique selection of bottles, the requests have arrived, thus allowing the winemakers to continue working and supporting an entire supply chain.

Only chosen products of sure characteristic.

The greatness of our products is safeguarded by the endless obligation in the examination for genuineness and by the use of the best essences and raw materials.

A careful distillation, perfect conservation and refinement in the production process allow to obtain liqueurs with unique and unmistakable characteristics.

The Food Specialist are readied with particular components and according to conventional mixtures.

All restricted properties, only for the most sophisticated customers!

Home delivery without running any risk

What you ordered will be delivered to you, via a trusted courier, perfectly packaged, directly to your home within a few days.

The products will travel at our total risk which, in case of damage, we will immediately replace them, without any expense on your part. This means great savings and the guarantee of price stability and quality of handicraft products.

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