Various Dresses for Women to Choose From

Women’s fashion can be exciting and fun. From the number of dresses to the many fashion icons to emulate, women would surely not run out of options. Getting dolled up means various things to different people. The styles of dresses are influenced by their length, cut, and shape. Other factors that influence the dress styles are fabrics, necklines, and sleeves. These dress styles are also influenced by the past and the traditional styles. For a more elaborate array of choices of different dresses, you can check Shop Monde.

Baby Doll Dress

With this type of dress, the bodice is fitted up to under the bust area. The skirt then hangs loosely starting from the bust and it is gathered. This is often designed for night dresses. This style was popular in the ‘90s.

Boho Dress

These dresses are soft and of the floating type which are reminiscent of the hippy era. These dresses are more often white and embroidered. They are usually combined with laces and tassels. This helps its wearer exude a feminine look and is quite loose and easy to don in.

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A-Line Dress

This dress style fits your hips snugly. It also comes with a flare that offers fullness and the A-line shape. This type of dress can flatter anyone with a pear-shaped body. The amount of flare can be large or minimal. This dress does not require slits since it has a wider hem which makes it comfortable to walk. You can find one at Shop Monde.

Off the Shoulder Dresses

Dresses that slip off on the shoulders are a great way to flaunt slim shoulders and lean arms. The rest of the dress can be A-line, flared, straight, or any style that goes well with the off-shoulder style.

Shirt Dress

This dress as implied by the name is like an extended shirt. It has a smart shirt collar with buttons down the front. Its hem can be styled like shirttails. This dress is casual and comfortable to wear.

Wrap Dress

This dress style crosses over and it is usually tied and at the back or side. It has a flattering style, and it can give your body a smooth silhouette once it is tied and draped over one’s body. Fabric is important for this type of dress. It must be able to drape and not become bulky.


This type of dress is loose-fitting. It is usually strappy and is meant to be worn during summer. The sundress comes with thin spaghetti straps that tie on the shoulders. It is tighter on the waist area. It comes with a flowing skirt which is usually made up of fabrics with floral prints.

Long Sleeve Dress

This style of dress is great for wintertime. This is for formal occasions and it has various sleeve styles too.

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