What are the fundamental characteristics that a baby carrier backpack must have?

Ok, you are happy to buy it, but you do not know how to orient yourself among the many proposals that the market offers. The first thing to do is to put it on, load the nano into it that will accompany you on excursions and try to move with the new bulk on your shoulders. You must have feeling with the backpack. And before going to the checkout, then carefully check these details, remembering that there is NO absolute right backpack (certainly there are brands and models that are more reliable than others), but there is the right baby carrier backpack for you , for your build. and the use you will want to make of it https://www.sommerfuglkids.com/

baby carrier backpack

Here are the characteristics that a baby carrier backpack must have for both the comfort of parents and the child:

The weight of the backpack that will add to the weight of the dwarf who will live there. It is essential not to overload your shoulders, precisely because crushed by too much weight on you, you would not be able to enjoy the excursion. The most technical backpacks usually do not exceed 3kg and are able to contain a child from 6 months to about 3 years, with an estimated weight therefore from 8 / 9kg to 20kg.

The adjustable straps at the waist, shoulders and chest, for maximum comfort for parents. The backpack must be adjusted according to the build of the wearer and therefore it must be just as easy and fast to adjust the straps and shoulder straps from the shoulders of the mother to those of the father.

The adjustable backrest : as above, do not forget that the baby carrier backpack must “fit perfectly” and that – above all – you must not have the feeling of having the baby too high, compared to your build. You may risk falling on the way because you feel unbalanced forward or backward.

A rigid frame (usually in light aluminum) and that has the possibility of ” standing alone ” for when you happen to go hiking independently and have to feed him on the top of the mountain. The rigid structure allows you to unload the baby’s weight, protect it from any bumps and, for this reason, it must be well padded, especially towards the baby’s head.

Have a breathable and washable fabric : so as not to sweat (neither who carries, nor who snores blissfully on the back) and can be cleaned from any residues of baby food, snack or nap from the nap .

Possibility of having additional accessories such as sun canopy (the awning in some models is fixed, in others it is removable or totally removable) and rain cover.

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