Developmental games for your baby

Developmental games can help your baby to grow better mentally and physically. Educational toys can teach your babies a lot of things even at their tender age. Aside from developing their intellects, these toys can equally teach them how to play so that their cognitive, motor, auditory and sensory skills can be honed.  The skill developments at a tender age can get them prepared for more advanced learning when they reach school age. There is game for different age groups, but we will focus on games developed especially for kids between the ages of 6 and 18 months in this write-up.

Some of the games are highlighted below:

  • Playing with blocks: This game can improve the problem-solving skills of the baby. It will equally open its eyes to concepts like gravity. Block activities may look simple, but it is sufficient to give the child foundational development required for more complex mental activities later in life. However, the baby must be supervised when playing with the blocks. It may put the smaller ones in its mouth and this can be dangerous to its health. He may even swallow the small pieces and these can choke it.
  • Playing with bubbles: It will help the child to develop eye-tracking skills and also learn how to use his two hands together.
  • You can allow the baby to spend some time to play on his tummy and this can strengthen his neck muscles and back


  • You can set up an obstacle course for the baby to crawl, scoot and walk through them. You can also throw laundry, phone books or pillows here and there to act as obstacles. It will help the baby to learn how to navigate obstacles.
  • Peek-a-boo: You can adopt variations of this activity, like hiding behind a chair, door or towel. You can surprise the baby by popping your head out from behind these items and say peek-a-poo.
  • Children always enjoy the surprise of finding hidden items, no matter their age. You can wrap small toys in newspapers or washcloths so that the kids can unwrap the items easily.
  • You can help the kid to explore with painting, taste, texture, and color using edible finger paints.
  • Water game: Water has a way of making kids happy. It always has a relaxing and joyful effect on kids. You can take an advantage of the water game any day, especially during the summer months.  You can use funnels, sponges, and hands to splash water on the various parts of its body. This game is the right choice if the baby can sit up.
  • Shake, rattle and roll: You can fill an empty bottle with Jell-O, buttons, rice and several other interesting items and also mix them with oil, food coloring or liquid soap. Tightly secure the lid so that the content will not come out.

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