The Top Benefits of Switching to Organic Baby Clothes

Organic cotton and the conventional type are identical, but they are made in different ways. Organic baby clothes are chemical- and toxin-free. This can be the greatest benefit to using organic baby clothes since the skin of babies cannot resist chemicals and toxins the way adult skin does. The process in which organic baby clothing is grown, dyed, and printed is more elaborate compared to the traditional method due to the exclusion of chemicals.

Skin benefits for babies

Babies’ skin is superabsorbent and sensitive. A baby’s upper skin is thinner compared to adults. And because of this, any substance that the baby’s body comes in contact with penetrates deeply into the baby’s skin. It is a must to avoid chemicals on baby’s skin for optimum skin health. Organic baby clothes are super soft and less likely to cause skin irritation since they are hypoallergenic. Always make sure that the baby clothes you buy are certified organic by looking for a certification from Global Organic Textile Standards (GOTS), a leading standard in the textile industry.

ROI benefits

Organic baby clothes are more durable but they also come in hefty price tags. If you want to save more from your baby clothes purchase, you can look for great deals online. Some shops also offer sell back programs for gently used organic baby clothing. It is a sustainable move to use organic baby garments for a prolonged period. This means avoiding the landfill a bit longer. You may also buy in bulk to avail yourself of great discounts.

Ethical benefits

Baby clothing brands are certified organic when they display the logo of GOTS, the leading world standard. If you want to be sure that the baby organic items are ethically produced and meet the highest standards, make sure to look for the certified organic clothing brand. The GOTS logo means the brand is able to meet the highly stringent environmental and ethical policies of the standard. This means that the processes and actions done to grow and produce the manufactured products abide by the ethics pertaining to environmental protection and safety of the people involved in the production.

Peace of mind

You may think that the certified organic garments are expensive, but it can be affordable when you buy them from a responsible brand of baby clothing. This is real value for your money due to all the benefits that a GOTS certified organic product can provide. Due to its stringent policies and guidelines throughout the supply chain, you, as parents, can have the peace of mind, knowing that GOTS made sure of the integrity of organic processes and materials used from start to finish.

By using GOTS certified organic baby garments, you can reduce your carbon footprint and express your support for the environment, social, and health issues.

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